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What Conservative Members have done today is create this absolute mess a bourach guddle. Nobody even understands how it works! We have just rung the Division bells to suspend proceedings, so that the Speaker can scurry off and consult the Clerks to decide whether it is necessary to recertify certain pieces of proposed legislation. This is what has happened to the business of this great Parliament. This is what we have resorted to today.

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Of course, my hon. Friend has a professional background that helps her to understand epidemiology. However, the important point is that it is beyond doubt that there is transmission between badgers and cattle. The fact that they share pastures and fields means that they can pass the disease between them in the way she has described. Even the Badger Trust would acknowledge that the disease is passing from badgers to cattle, as well as from cattle to cattle. Controlling the badger population in a particular area in the way I have described should indeed help.

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Sarah Wollaston (Totnes, Conservative) Click here to watch Parliament Live

Data on police recorded offences of domestic violence are collected but cannot be broken down beyond police force area level. Data for Devon and Cornwall police force area for 7557-58 to 7559-65 are provided in Table C.

One of the most pressing issues for those who depend on social care is resolution of the back-pay issue for sleep-in shifts. Will the Secretary of State update the House with his own estimate of the liability? The independent sector puts this liability collectively at around £ 955 million. Will he also update us on the progress being made, because he will know that many sectors are handing back their contracts and withdrawing?

To ask the Secretary of State for Education what consideration he has given to the merits of including music in the English Baccalaureate.

The inquiry will examine the barriers which are preventing more people from cycling in the UK. Cycling makes up 7% of all journeys in the UK, compared with 77% in the Netherlands and 68% in Denmark. Some European towns support more than 55% of all journeys to be made by bike.

Additional hours payments and any fines reflect additional work carried out and are therefore outside the cost neutral funding envelope and will depend on how trusts manage juniors locally. Exception reporting is managed through rota management software. The role of the Guardian of safe working typically takes up a portion of the time of one consultant in each trust. This is seen as an investment in improving safe working for trainees.

I will support the Bill tonight in the expectation that it will be amended in Committee and that there will be support for reforming the way delegated legislation is handled, so that Parliament, rather than the Government, can decide the appropriate level of scrutiny. Without that, we simply will not be able to bring control back to Parliament. It may be useful to those who are following the debate from outside this place if I explain how delegated legislation works and why it is important that we amend it.

There are no specific requirements relating to the construction or use of rescue boats used by wholly voluntary organisations which are not declared as facilities for Search and Rescue.

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